Top things to do in Shoreditch’s Brick Lane


Brick Lane has become one for the most popular areas for locals and tourists in search of alternative entertainment, quirky venues and amazing eateries. Much like the rest of London, the area is a diverse melting pot of different cultures. That’s what makes it such a great place to visit no matter what it is you’re looking to do on your trip.

The alternative style of Brick Lane has made it a hotspot for many of the guests staying at the M By Montcalm Shoreditch London. We love being part of such a vibrant community and we know some of the amazing attractions the area has to offer. We’ve put together this guide to London for hipsters so you can take advantage of the unique spots in and around Brick Lane.


Nomadic Gardens

Fleet Street Hill, London

Those with a green finger will love a trip to this quaint little garden in the heart of Shoreditch. The Nomadic Gardens have managed to blend together urban scenery and nature to create something truly unique and totally millennial. The gardens were set up in 2015 to bring the countryside into the heart of London and provide locals with somewhere to grow vegetables and cultivate plants.

Since then it has grown into a bustling hub for the community to come together and share ideas. Everyone is welcome to visit and give a helping hand, which means you can escape into the countryside for an afternoon when you visit the M By Montcalm Shoreditch London.

19 Princelet Street

London’s rich history and cultural diversity makes it the fascinating city that we know and love today. The millions of immigrants that have travelled through and settled here throughout history have each brought their own uniqueness to the city. The former synagogue on Princelet Street now serves as a museum dedicated to the preservation and exhibition of artefacts and documents relating to immigration. Take a trip through history and learn about how Irish, Jewish and Polish families made their way to London and started their lives over.

Museum of Happiness

Hanbury Street, London

Don’t worry and be happy at this unique museum that has been created with the sole purpose of bringing joy to everyone that visits. If you’re feeling a little blue or you need cheering up during your time in London, head over to Hanbury Street for a pick-me-up. With everything from funny dance classes to spirituality seminars, the Museum of Happiness focuses on bringing people closer to each other and to themselves through fun activities and self-reflective exhibits.

Junk Yard Golf Club

This quirky mini golf course is a hipster paradise. Say goodbye to classic windmills and boring greens and say hello to repurposed car parts and broken washing machines. This unique take on the classic mini golf course is brilliant and has provided a place for post-teen hipsters to let out their inner child and have some fun with friends.