Top tips for tech-savvy travellers in London

tech-savvy travellers in London

These days, holidays and trips away are less about falling off the grid and more about being able to plug yourself into somewhere different for a few days or weeks.

What we mean by this is that, regardless of whether they realise it or not, the millennial traveller is dependent on some form of technology, be it the latest iPhone or their brand-new mirrorless digital camera.

Technology is so ingrained into our lives that it’s also part of our holiday and we never really let go of the office, our friends or social networks.

This is particularly true for people who fly as part of their business life, as they like to be as connected as possible to their office when they’re on the move.

Instances where this is helpful is if people are travelling to London for business and happen to be jumping on and off the Tube. Luckily there are networks that are now functional on the London Underground, which means a lot less stress for people hurtling over the city with important information to share!

What’s great is that London is a city that is generally well-known for catering to tech-savvy travellers thanks to its hotels, smartphone travel apps, free Wi-Fi and e-books to make your life so much easier.

You’re never too far away from connectivity in London, so if you see your internet connection and iPhone as necessities to your everyday life, you’ve come to the right places.

We’ve outlined just a few things that you can use to make your trip all the more fun and completely tech-savvy.

Smartphone apps

We touched on this lightly above, but honestly, there are so many smartphone apps that are perfect to help you enjoy your time in the city.

Although not all of them have been necessarily created for London, the Big Smoke is where they seem to flourish and work the best.

A couple that are designed for London, include Kabbee and London Tube Map – both of which are pretty self-explanatory, but we’ll go into more detail in any case!

Most people are aware that London Black Cabs are a great way to see the city and these cabbies know the area better than most people who have been living there their entire lives. However, they are also the most expensive way to get around, so if you want to get a taxi, but don’t want to pay sky-high prices, use Kabbee.

Similar to Uber, you input your departure and destination points and the app will calculate a route, but it will also compare the prices of more than 60 different minicab firms to make sure you get the best deal.

London Underground Map is exactly what it says it is; it has all the Tube routes on there with an explanation of the different lines and you can easily search a route from one place to the other. This feature will tell you how often the service runs, where you should change – if you need to – and how long your whole journey should be. It will also factor in if you need to get a bus or a National Railway service. Nifty, eh?

Smartphone Apps

For extra travel help, Londoners swear by Citymapper, it plots out the quickest, cheapest route for you to get from one place to the other. Not only this, but it will tell you how many calories you can burn and the best route for avoiding inclement weather. You might need to double check on Google Maps occasionally, as it doesn’t update as quickly, but you should be okay.

Other app must-haves include Open table, which recommends excellent discounted restaurants – so you can enjoy the best food for less. We also recommend an app called ATM Hunter, which allows you to easily find a free to use ATM nearby, wherever you are.

London’s Best High-tech Hotels

Thanks to the explosion of the tech industry in London, there are lots of choices of hotels to stay in that have superfast and free Wi-Fi and have hi-tech features that other hotels can only dream of.

One of the best is M by Montcalm Shoreditch London Tech City Hotel, which if you can guess from its name – is in the very cool Tech City in the East End of the city.

This is literally where all of the action happen regarding the digital and technological industries, as the offices of Google, Facebook and dozens of young startups make their home here. You never know, the people you are mixing with on the street or in the very hotel could be striking million pound deals without you even knowing it!

Shoreditch London Tech City hotel prides itself on being a high-end and modern hotel and it’s just a three-minute walk from Old Street Tube Station.

Interestingly, in this Underground station – which is actually set within a roundabout – it has a rooftop bar that gives you an incredible view of this part of London.

Of course, staying in a hotel isn’t all about the free Wi-Fi, which is why our Tech City hotel has excellent dining, bar and spa facilities. Being in the rush of London for a couple of days and trying to get around to see everything can sure wear you out, which is why a relaxing massage in the spa will be just the ticket for you.

Our chefs also work extremely hard to create menus that are seasonal, delicious and inspiring. This goes for every part of the day, from breakfast to dinner and we highly recommend that you try our bottomless brunches!

Book ahead and online

Although there are lots of ways to get yourself a great meal at a great price, and cheap theatre tickets on the night of a show thanks to the likes of Opentable and the TKTS booth in Leicester Square, we recommend booking ahead online for almost anything.

Whether it comes to theatre, art galleries, museums or live music, you’ll find that tickets are cheaper online than if you buy them on the door. This is the tech-savvy traveller’s way, but when you think about it, it’s also just good common sense!

We would also advise that you use all of your tech knowledge to do some research before you get to London and find out all of the things that you can do and see for free in the city. There’s a surprising amount of the main attractions that don’t cost you anything to enjoy and a lot of them have amazing views across the city.

Many of these attractions are now interactive too, with displays and information on screens, computers and iPads. Going to the likes of the Natural History Museum isn’t just a way for you to browse, it’s a way for you to engage with the exhibitions in a tech-savvy way.

When all else fails you, don’t forget that there’s a smartphone app for just about everything – do your research and you’ll be able to tech your way around London in no time.