Top Travel Tips for Anyone Heading to London on Business


London is one of the busiest cities in the world for trade and commerce, ensuring a steady stream of travellers visiting the capital for business. Travelling for business is in some ways distinct from travelling for leisure, so we’ve compiled this short list of travel tips to ensure you make the most of your stay.

1. Ensure as Smooth a Journey as Possible

If you can, you’ll want to ensure your trip to London has minimal stops along the way. This helps to keep you in a business mindset and ensures the minimal fuss and hassle of changing transport methods or waiting around at airports for connecting flights. By giving yourself this small indulgence, you’ll have more time to prepare for any meetings as well as recharging your batteries ahead of the trip itself. Try to make sure you don’t get too worn down by the sheer business of travelling to London!

2. Check Your Location

Check the location of your accommodation prior to booking, ensuring transport links nearby. M Montcalm Tech City is conveniently located in the heart of London, which is great news for travellers with business in the City of London as it ensures you are able to get around with minimal stress and hassle during your visit. A great hotel location also means if you do have any time off during the trip, you can make the most of it with some convenient sightseeing right on your doorstep.


3. Choose a Hotel with Great Facilities

You’re likely to spend a lot of time in your hotel room, so look for the best quality you can find before booking. Our suites in Shoreditch are modern and well-equipped, with full connectivity for working on any last minute preparation or catching up with colleagues or friends and family back home. You can also visit the on-site spa for some relaxation therapies to help unwind after a busy day, ensuring you are consistently at the top of your game for whatever your business trip might bring.

4. Arrive Early if Possible

This will give you time to get to know a little of the vibrant city around you before plunging directly into business. It also helps you to recover from any jetlag you might be experiencing and catch up on sleep. You can find out more about getting around by exploring the London Transport Network for yourself, or relying on the large number of taxis operating in the city. After a busy day you can be sure to find a welcoming space at the M Montcalm Tech City providing all the facilities you need to maximise your experience of London.


5. Enjoy Fine Dining

You don’t have to travel far from your hotel to find some of the finest restaurants in all of London. Be sure to refuel with great food and drink during your stay in order to be fully prepared for your business meetings and busy schedule.