The ultimate London hipster bucket list

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The rise and rise of the London hipster has been well-documented, and with so many great locations to visit for the discerning hipster or aspiring hipster in the making, we’ve created this quick guide to the best locations in the capital for the ultimate bucket list…

Enjoy a hipster-friendly meal

During your visit to the M by Montcalm Shoreditch London, you’re already close to some of the city’s major hipster mainstays. The hipster ethos and aesthetic has always favoured the quirkier side of life, and there are lots of venues in London ready and willing to accommodate.

The Cereal Killer Café has branches in Brick Lane and Camden Market, selling retro cereals on their eclectic menu as well as offering private functions. Elsewhere, the Canvas Café is 100% vegan-friendly, serving fresh and healthy meals as well as hosting a variety of live performances, film performances and themed dinners. For those with a sweet tooth, Crosstown Doughnuts has a delicious fresh range to choose from, baked from scratch each day for a decidedly hipster-clientele.

hipster friendly meal

Visit a hipster bar

Hipster-friendly bars are all over the city, but some offer a particularly impressive roster of features which are sure to wow. Black Rock is one bar where novelty is the order of the day, primarily because it has no bar at all. Instead, drinks are served in this Shoreditch ‘bar’ from an 185 year old oak tree which has been cut in half and transformed into a whiskey-filled table. This is just as bizarre at sounds – but for anyone seeking the unusual, it’s certainly a sight worth seeing while you stay at the M by Montcalm Shoreditch London.

Redemption is another hipster-centric bar, where health is as important as grabbing a drink and a delicious bite to eat. The menu has been designed to cater to the very hipster ideal of ‘spoiling yourself without spoiling yourself’, and all products are ethically sourced. Boxpark is 100% hipster, with live music, great food and drinks on tap within a converted shipping container venue – it really doesn’t get much more hipster than that.

hipster bar

 Indulge in some hipster shopping

London is a great city for hipsters to shop for clothes, with oodles of vintage stores and unusual boutiques scattered around for revamping your image or simply picking up a few important finds while staying at our hotels near Moorgate Station. Shoreditch is particularly ‘hipster friendly’, but the many charity shops in the city are also great for an afternoon of browsing for a great hipster fashion find while in London.

hipster shopping

Visit an outdoor market

If indoor shopping is too mainstream, how about an outdoor market? London hosts a great many of them. Venues such as Broadway Market are proving particularly popular with the hipster scene due to the wide variety of small shops and interesting stalls selling all kinds of unusual finds. There are a range of other outdoor and vintage markets scattered throughout the city so you’re sure to find something which appeals to your tastes.