Understanding hotel star ratings


Generally hotels are divided into five different categories of ratings. The lowest ranking or rating is that of ‘One Star’ and at the other end of the scale ‘Five Stars’ are known to be the highest. This system of grading hotels is known as the star ranking system. These hotels cater to people with a wide variety of budgets from those who are budget travellers to those who want nothing but the best. In fact if you are planning your holiday in London, you will find hotels with diverse ratings that will suit all your needs and budget.

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If you are planning a holiday, then choosing the right hotel with the right amenities and facilities will help you to have a more enjoyable trip. Some of the different amenities and facilities that hotels with different star rankings offer are:-

Single Star: In terms of cost, these are the most affordable options and a single star would provide minimum standards of cleanliness, furnishings and maintenance among other. Basic items are offered that serve a functional purpose. You will also notice the customer service is less formal with food being served in a common dining area. The rooms are generally small with basic furnishings. In short single star hotels offer basic necessityservices are provided only. The cuisine is limited with minimum levels of hospitality on offer.

Two stars: These are more affordable and comfortable with a better range of amenities on offer. You will find the rooms are larger with service standardsbeing much improved. The washrooms and beds are well maintained. You will generally find an attached restaurant that offers all three breakfast, lunch and dinner. There is a more variety in terms of dishes and the staff is more formal and polite.

Three stars: Three star hotels are categorised in the semi-luxury segment with extra effort being taken to maintain the standards of hygiene, hospitality, furnishings and other services. The ambience is comfortable with good provisions for kitchen as well as recreational services. You will generally find that hotel staff are dressed formally and are very hospitable. There is a wider variety of cuisines than one and two star hotels with much higher standards of customer service.

Four stars: Hotels with four stars form part of the luxury category with a much higher standards of services, facilities and amenities being offered to guests. There are goof recreational facilities with more spacious rooms and with better decorations and furnishings. All the rooms are well maintained and there is room service available. You will also find Jacuzzis and other luxury facilities provided and the kitchen will be well stocked. All the staff members will be smartly dresses in a standard uniform with personalised services being offered to all guests. The quality of food is very good with multi-cuisine dishes on offer. You will also normally find two or more restaurants at a four star hotel.
Five Stars:Staying at a five star hotel guarantees very high levels of luxury with terrific decor and overall ambience. All the furniture and interiors will be tastefully done with a wide variety of item being offered to guests. You can expect only the best in terms of dining and recreational activities. You can expect only personalised service with even the smallest details being catered to. The rooms are very luxurious and spacious with the furnishings being of an excellent standard. There will be culinary dishes offered from all parts of the globe with a well stocked wine cellar. These are great for business travellers as they offer a host of facilities for their use. With cafes, lawns, casinos and bars you can expect only the best when you stay in a five star hotel.

Six or seven stars:  Within the past few years there have been a select few hotels that exceeded the highest levels of luxury and comfort offered to hotel guests. This is provided by just a few hotels in the world with the most prominent being The ‘Burj Al Arab’, hotel in Dubai, which is known to be a seven-star establishment. The standard of services, amenities and customer service is the finest possible and far exceeds the highest levels found in five star hotels.

But the fact is they have not really been rated by any certified agency and till date the few six and seven star hotels all over the globe are mostly self-proclaimed.