From Undesirable to Hip: How Shoreditch Became the Coolest Area of London


Like most areas of London, Shoreditch has a long and rich history. At various times, it has been home to vagabonds and nefarious types, artists, working Londoners and, now, it’s the place many people think is the coolest area in London.

Over the years, Shoreditch has changed a great deal and so too has the wider view of this part of the capital. Let’s look at just how Shoreditch arrived at its current status. And, staying at Montcalm hotels in Shoreditch London, you’ll be perfectly placed to sample everything on offer.

The Past

Going all the way back to Elizabethan times, Shoreditch was quite similar to how it is today – minus the graffiti and the iPhones, of course – when it was a denizen of actors, playwrights and artists. But, towards the end of this period, the area became a little less artsy and a bit more about drinking and fighting. It was then that the creative types moved on and Shoreditch become a no-go area for most.

Shoreditch in this period became one of the worst slums in London. The story remained this way for a good few centuries, with the area seeing extensive damage during German air assaults in World War Two.

The 90s

It was the tail-end of the 20th century before Shoreditch started to transform into the area we now know. It was during this time that famous artists like Damien Hirst and Tracey Emmin made the area their own, attracted by cheap rents and the urban feel of Shoreditch.

It wasn’t long before the abandoned buildings around Shoreditch transformed into art studios, nightclubs and ultra-cool eateries and the whole character of the place began to morph into something chic and modern. It was this burst of creativity and ‘coolness’ in the 90s that marked Shoreditch as the new place to be, and that feeling has continued to grow up to the present day.


Now, Shoreditch is widely regarded as the hippest part of the capital, and there’s a great deal in the area to back this up.

The graffiti that can be seen around Shoreditch is the work of some of the most accomplished street artists in the world – with even a couple of Banksy pieces around if you know where to look. There are dedicated tours covering street art in the area, which shows how much Shoreditch values its outsider art – many places would simply paint over it without a second thought.

The area is also home to a thriving entertainment scene, with bars, music venues, theatres and anything else you could ever need right in the hear of Shoreditch. Many venues are small, offbeat places, in keeping with the overall vibe of the borough. If you decide to go out and explore a little, you can always retreat to the M by Montcalm Shoreditch Bar to rest your tired feet.

Shoreditch is also the place to go if you want anything retro or vintage. There are multiple retro clothing stores in the area and vintage outlets that sell nothing but the best, old-school homewares. With all this on offer, it’s easy to see why Shoreditch is the coolest area of London.