Unmissable spots for Shoreditch street art


London is known for its rich culture and vibrant art industry that has spawned some of the most prominent artistic movements in history. In recent years the rise of street art has turned the city itself into a canvas of creativity.

Anyone planning a trip to our Boutique Hotels Shoreditch will be lucky enough to see some of the amazing urban artwork that can be found throughout the local streets. Be sure to book your stay at our M By Montcalm Shoreditch Rooms to discover some of these amazing underground art spots.

Rivington Street

If you’re looking for the best of Shoreditch’s underground art, be sure to take a stroll down Rivington Street. Along the walls, you will find an original work by none other than Banksy himself. The black and white piece is derivative of the urban artist’s style and is a perfect example of why street art has become so popular in London. These days it is hard to find a genuine Banksy that is still in good condition so be sure to check it out while you’re staying at our Boutique Hotels Shoreditch.

Great Eastern Street

This particular spot has become a popular canvas for graffiti artists all over London and is the location of numerous vibrant illustrations. Although the artwork on the walls of Great Eastern Street is always changing, one piece that have remained untouched is a tribute to beloved actor Bob Hoskins. As you make your way along the street you will also spot two unused Tube trains that have been ornamentally placed on top of a local building and covered in street art.

Princelet Street

The unique thing about this urban art spot is the use of natural structures and textures to create unique and creative artwork. From simplistic stick characters that have been made to look like they are using lampposts as obstacles to intricate portraits and illustrations, Princelet Street is a treasure trove of artwork and offers a huge range of photo opportunities. Work by the rising underground artist Stik can often be found dotted around this area so be sure to check it out and take your camera along.


Shoreditch High Street

The main street in Shoreditch is home to some of the most iconic and eye-catching artwork in London. More than graffiti can be found on Shoreditch High Street. In fact, the bustling retail district is home to the sculpted faces which were installed by popular street artist Gregos Art. The quirky concrete faces can be seen pulling some very strange expressions all throughout the streets of Shoreditch and a number of tourists often make a game of finding them all and snapping photographs.

Heneage Street

The hypnotic and vibrant graffiti work that can be found on Heneage Street is definitely worth checking out if you’re a fan of street art. A lot of the old-school style work that can be found is reminiscent of classic street art and offers a closer look at the type of diverse styles which can be found in the cultural melting pot that is Shoreditch.