Unusual Ways to Spend a Day in Shoreditch

Shoreditch London

London is a city of almost infinite variety, and Shoreditch is one of it’s most vibrant and eclectic areas. If you’re seeking something a little out of the ordinary to do during your visit, then you’re in luck – as Shoreditch provides plenty of options. Here’s our pick of the most unusual ways to spend a day in this area…

Learn about the famous street art

Shoreditch is known for it’s art, whether that’s the array of art galleries dotted around this area or the world-famous street art which has provided the catalyst for a number of street art tours. Some of the brightest lights from the world of street art have left their mark here, so if you’re staying at hotels near Shoreditch you will find yourself conveniently located for finding out all about the inspiration and execution of both well-known and obscure artists and their work. Thanks to the nature of street art, there’s more every day – so the tours are constantly evolving. Alternative London run what is generally considered to be the original street art tour, guided by enthusiastic locals in the know for the ultimate insider experience. For artistically inclined guests at the M by Montcalm Shoreditch London, this is an absolute must-see.


Have tea with in a cat lover’s paradise

Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium is a book-only delight for cat lovers or simply those seeking something a little out of the ordinary. The café gives patrons the opportunity to get to know some delightful new feline friends while enjoying a great menu of drinks, sweets and savouries. There’s even a chance to grab some memorabilia while you’re here so you can be reminded of your visit during your stay at hotels near Shoreditch.

Enjoy some rainbow food

Shoreditch has a thriving culinary scene, ranging from everything from top restaurants to some of the best street food in London. If you’re seeking something a little more unusual, then you might be interested in heading over to the UK’s first beigel shop, which has been selling baked goods for over a century. Their bagels are of course delicious – and the company sells rainbow-coloured varieties to enthusiastic patrons seeking to inject a little more colour into their dining experience.

Go bowling surrounded by Americana

The indoor bowling alley All Star Lanes offers not only a bowling alley, but also a karaoke bar and restaurant, making this a great, unusual place to spend some time during your visit to the city. The bowling alley is petite in size with only six lanes – making booking a must. There’s plenty of fun to be had from the bowling, and you can also enjoy some lovely food while you’re here, including a great selection of beers and cocktails to accompany. Great as the starting point of your evening or a fun venue for those seeking something a little out of the ordinary during their stay in Shoreditch.