Welcome to the Anti-Gallery: The Curious Duke Gallery Explored


Art galleries are a great place to visit and soak up some culture, but the idea of buying that picture that caught your eye is usually beyond most people’s means. Only the super-rich can walk into a gallery, see something they like and buy it there and then – but this isn’t the case at the Curious Duke Gallery.

With a unique approach to art and how the average person can own it, the Curious Duke truly is a different experience and very close to the Montcalm Hotel Marble Arch. Let’s take a closer look.

The Gallery

First formed back in 2011 as a pop-up gallery, Curious Duke Gallery has grown a great deal in that time and carved out its own niche in the busy London art world. And it’s only a short walk from the Montcalm Hotel Marble Arch, so there’s no reason not to pay a visit.

Billing itself as an ‘anti-gallery’, Curious Duke is the only gallery space in London that specialises in contemporary and urban art from new artists. What this means in terms of the art on display is a cornucopia of different styles and ideas, with no two pieces the same. You’re just as likely to find a colourful depiction of local scenes as you are to find cut-up style art combining antique and modern elements. In short, it’s a hub of amazing creativity and a vital venue for emerging artists.

Alongside this, it’s also just a great gallery in its own right. It’s a very friendly, engaging space and the staff are supremely friendly. You don’t have to worry about a snooty cold-shoulder here – the staff are always happy to show you around.

Own Art

The name given to Curious Duke’s unique approach to selling art, ‘Own Art’ gives anyone the option of owning something they take a fancy to. Rather than needing the fat chequebook of an oligarch or aristocracy, the gallery offers an instalment payment scheme that puts bleeding-edge art well within your reach.

It works like this: if you want to purchase a piece, you can split the cost of the artwork over a ten-month period and these ten, equal payments are completely interest free! Once you’ve passed a quick credit check, the art is yours to take away. This is great if you fall in love with something and want a reminder of your time in London, and it’s a much cheaper option than buying art outright if you don’t have the financial clout of a Roman Abramovich. And, even better, the Curious Duke is close to the best hotels London, so you won’t struggle getting your art back to your room.

The Own Art scheme applies to everything the Curious Duke features on their website, from ceramics to sculptures and this usually includes mostly everything that is on display in the gallery. It’s not often you get the chance to walk into a gallery and walk out with your favourite piece, but that’s just what makes the Curious Duke special. It truly is an anti-gallery and that’s one reason why it’s so well-regarded in London art circles.