What business travellers value most about London hotels


Business travellers have a different set of interests and expectations from a hotel’s services than the average leisure guest. Even if they’re staying in the same hotel as someone who is travelling for pleasure, the person who is there for work will be looking at the hotel a completely different way.

This is true when it comes to technical specifications, which is the most obvious difference in requirements that a business traveller will have over anyone else. However, they will also have different expectations when it comes to the likes of check-in, the front desk and concierge services and even from the hotel restaurant and bar.

Where you might personally be most interested in how comfy the bed and other furnishings are and looking in the bathroom and cupboards to see if there are free bathrobes and slippers for you to relax in, this won’t be a primary concern for someone who is visiting on business.

Based on feedback accrued from modern business guests, hotels – the M by Montcalm collection included – now cater to their unique needs and wants.

What’s interesting is that these days, most business travellers are less concerned with the size of conference and function rooms than they are with charging and plug points.

We’re going to outline several things that modern corporate guests enjoy and expect when they check into one of our hotels and the features that we are glad to oblige them with.

Plug points and in-room amenities

As we mentioned earlier, plug sockets and powerpoints are an important part of anyone’s requirements when they travel for business. This is because most of these people use a laptop, tablet, at least one smartphone and all need to be charged and ready to go at all times.

You’ll have gathered that corporate travellers need at least four plug sockets at any one time, so you’ll either have to have this amount, or extension cables or adaptors. This is particularly important for your foreign guests in the hotel, remember that European and transatlantic visitors will have completely different plug pins and an adaptor can be something that’s easily forgotten.


Get into the habit of either having these in a drawer in the room, or have a good stock supply behind the front desk that they can request.

It also makes sense for the plug points to be grouped around the bed and desk, to add convenience when people are working or making calls.

Business travellers will also be keen to have a cup of tea or coffee first thing in the morning and probably when they get back from a meeting, so we ensure that there are working kettles in every room.

A kettle and a range of tea and coffee are small things, but they can make all the different to your business traveller.

A solid desk and free Wi-Fi

Due to the fact that they’re staying in a hotel on business, this often means that travellers have to continue working when they get back to their hotel room.

They might have time to relax at some point, but usually they’ll continue working when they get back to their room and, as such, need a good place to be able to work from effectively.

Although it sounds comfortable, the reality of working in bed means that you’re easily distracted and balancing your laptop on your knees isn’t the easiest thing to do. For this reason, we have spacious desks in each of our hotel rooms, so that you can crack on with your work with ease.


It’s also much easier to make Skype or Google Hangout calls when you have a desk, so you can finish up your writing/presentations and talk to clients all from the same place.

The Wi-Fi is completely free throughout our entire M by Montcalm hotel collection, so you can be assured that your office is as on the go as you are the whole time you’re in London.

Comfort and safety

Although we’ve said that the point of a business trip isn’t necessarily to relax and discover the wonders of the hotel restaurant and bar, there’s no denying that corporate visitors are as much in need of a rest as any other guest.

Sometimes they may be even more grateful for comfy furnishings at the end of a long day of meetings and presentations.

Even if you’ve had a good day, we all know that working days are long, particularly when we don’t have our own home comforts to go back to.

However, the perks of being away on a business trip can often include a stay in a nice and luxurious hotel. For this reason, places like our M by Montcalm Shoreditch London Tech City Hotel have rooms that not only boast extremely comfortable beds, but also sofas that are perfect for kicking back and unwinding on in front of the TV or with a good book.

We believe that you should be able to have down time, whatever the reason is for your trip, so we encourage you to stretch out and have a well-deserved break after a long day on the move.

Safety is also incredibly important to our business travellers, as they often have lots of expensive equipment with them. As we pointed out earlier, people who are in London for work often carry a laptop, tablet and can have more than one smartphone. It’s for this reason that many hotels now have large safes in the room or behind reception to take care of all of these different and important work gadgets.

As an extra bonus, a lot of these safes are now equipped with power points so laptops and other electronics will be fully charged when people come back to their rooms.

Good lighting

It’s important for business travellers to look good, particularly in meetings when they’re trying to create a good first impression.

For this reason, this group of people will appreciate good lighting in their rooms, rather than romantic mood lighting. They need to be able to see what they’re wearing and how they’re fixing the rest of their appearance.

In business, appearance counts for a lot, so a full-length mirror and a well-lit area somewhere in the room is going to go a long with with people in the corporate world. After all, boardrooms are usually built with glass walls that let in a lot of harsh natural light, everyone therefore needs to look as professional as possible.

Ironing & laundry

All of the hotels in The Montcalm Luxury Hotels collection offer some kind of ironing and laundry service, some hotels will even be able to iron your clothes for you.

In most, you will be able to request for an iron and ironing board to be brought up to your room to make sure your suits and shirts are well pressed for your meetings in London.

If it looks like you’re going to be staying at the hotel for a while on business then you can take advantage of our great laundry service, which will have your clothes fresh, clean and looking brand new.

All you need to do is ring down to reception and someone from there will make sure it’s done for you.

Gym and fitness

A lot of people find that when they’re stressed out at work, going for a run or lifting some weights really makes them feel better.

For this reason, a lot of our hotels have onsite gym and fitness facilities, so that people can start or end the day with a workout.


These days, there are so many different types of workouts and people are often keen to get into a routine with their exercise and will want to stick to their fitness goals, even when they’re out of the office and on the move.

Being able to book into a hotel that has a 24-hour gym, or facilities that at least open and close late makes a huge difference for many travellers.

People who are often on the move for work and enjoy staying healthy will also really appreciate having lighter eating options on site. This is particularly true when it comes to breakfast and we offer a full continental breakfast with lots of fresh fruit and cooked options.

Business travellers also tend to be short on time, so if there are light lunch and dinner options that they can eat quickly or grab on the go then this is ideal. Most eat because they have to and want to do it as quickly as possible so they can get back to work, so this is something we keep in mind in all of our hotels.

Similarly, business guests in the hotel may want to arrange client meetings in the restaurant or bar over coffee, so we have made sure that there are a few seating options to fit in a good amount of people but still afford people privacy for their meetings.

24-hour concierge

Those travelling for corporate reasons often have last-minute requests or can often find themselves without something they had intended to pack.


Often, business travellers are working to different hours too and might not be able to make the last seating for food in the bar or restaurant. It’s for this reason that M by Montcalm collection hotels offer an excellent concierge and 24-hour room service.

All of our staff are highly knowledgeable on all things London, ensuring that business travellers know the quickest and easiest ways to get anywhere and the best places to take a client for a meeting