What to consider when booking a conference


When it comes to booking a business conference, location can be key.

Staff members need to feel comfortable in their surroundings to ensure that you are getting the best out of them. An invigorated workforce will be able to provide the best possible results and ensure that everything runs smoothly. This means carefully planning the meeting and looking into every single detail.

While many companies hold major conferences in their own premises, it can be rewarding to take staff out of the working environment into a hotel or conference venue. If you are looking to hire the former then you need to take a number of things into consideration. How many rooms should I book? Will the conference suite suit the needs of the meeting? Should I invest in professional caterers?

Done correctly then you will have a conference full of staff members that are energised and ready to go when it comes down to business. Once all these aspects have been ironed out then you can start getting on with the important part of the event – organising the content for the meeting itself.

So what should you be looking at when booking a hotel for the venue of your next conference? Here is our guide to this process.

Pick the right location

Whether it be meeting rooms in Shoreditch or a trendy hotel in Manchester, location is key to a successful business conference. Having your event at a hotel could be the ideal situation as you can host a large delegation of workers and many of these establishments have great conference facilities.

However, you need to take a number of things into consideration before putting down a deposit. Firstly, ask yourself if the hotel is easily accessible. Not all of your employees may have access to a car so they will have to use public transport meaning picking a hotel which is easy to get to by either bus, train or plane is a necessity.

There is no use booking a decent-sized hotel in the middle of pretty much nowhere and then hear that your employees are having trouble reaching it. Ideally you want to book an accommodation which is in the city centre making it easy in terms of public transport as well as amenities nearby.


When it comes to location, cost will always play a vital role in any decision. You need to carefully consider whether it is worth keeping your meeting in London when hotel prices are obviously going to be expensive. There are much more reasonable hotels in the likes of Manchester, Birmingham and Leeds which all have key links with London.

It may cost slightly more in transport costs but this could outweigh a mass booking in the capital. Clients could be coming from all over the UK so having the conference in somewhere that is both reasonable to get to and has the amenities that you require then it could make sense to have the event outside of London.

Ensure there is space for all delegates

Conferences of this kind can see hundreds of delegates arriving so you need to find a hotel that has room for this amount of staff and clients. Sometimes you will want to hire the entire premises but this is simply not possible in certain circumstances, which means you have to research what type of hotel will fulfil your needs.

Some hotels will be reluctant to give one client all of its rooms because it runs the risk of letting down regular customers that book with them a lot. It means these types of arrangements need to be booked well in advance and have a number already set in stone to avoid having to go back and make alternative arrangements.

You also need to be thinking about the higher echelons of the company. Will you be providing chief executives and presidents with upgraded rooms or will you just have everyone in the same type of room? If you make the extra effort and consider the position of your client then you could make a lasting impression.

Assess the facilities

On the face of it, the hotel may tick all the boxes you need for hosting a conference. However, what you may not know is that the actual events room is in the basement or does not have fully functioning air conditioning. All of these aspects are hugely important, especially if you are going to be leading a meeting over the course of a full day or even a few days.

If possible pay a visit to the hotel beforehand and ensure everything is up to your desired standards otherwise you could be left with egg on your face when it comes to the beginning of the conference.

As long as you take the extra effort to assess every option then you will be well on the way to delivering a hugely satisfactory conference.